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May 20, 2018 20:58 Befriend Failure: and get used to it

May 20, 2018

If you don't like your truth, change your truth!

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If you don't like your truth, change your truth! Do not go with the flow, only dead fish go with the flow.

Show notes: 

Today I want to encourage you to push for what you want and to go after something hard enough to experience failure along the way. Yes that’s right you not only need to experience failure but it is necessary in order to get to success. Tempt fate, flirt with disaster, befriend failure, you’re going to have to do it to get what you want!

When we start enduring what we perceive as failures, we start getting better at doing what it is we want to do great. The problem is most of us give up when we hit a failure, just throw our arms up and throw in the towel.

-throughout my life I have given up on so many things when I hit failures or even when things got tough or uncomfortable, Why you might ask?,  I was afraid, I was embarrassment. You see i was so afraid of being a failure that I was not letting myself have an opportunity to be successful. You see what I did not know then is that successful people are good at failure. It literally steepens the learning, gives them thicker skin and deepens, strengthens their confidence.

Nothing builds a person’s confidence like overcoming failure over and over and over again. When you do this, you increase the tools that you have at your disposal for the next challenge or failure. Each new failure makes you better, stronger and faster.

Do you know how to ride a bike? I bet you screwed that up a few times before you got that right. Maybe a skinned knee ot elbow maybe even a few tears. You still persevered through it because you wanted to ride a bike more than you wanted to accept failure.


Ask yourself this, do you want to be afraid of failure or do you want to know the feeling of its like to bask in success, glory, factory? How you answer that question will be the answer to becoming a failure for becoming a trail blazing success

If you really want success no one can stop you, and all those leering eyes pointing out your failures and short comings, mean nothing,

They will constantly remind you that only the rare few rise to the top, well only the rare few stick through the failure to get to the top!

Only the rare few keep moving forward when everyone they know tell them to stop while they are ahead

Only the rare few keep getting up after they fall flat on their face

Only the rare few will attain greatness in whatever they want, because only a rare few keep getting up and moving forward no matter how small the steps forward are.

That does not mean that you have any less chance than anyone else in this world to attain greatness!

What it does mean is this, you cannot do what most people are doing in their lives, you cannot do what 99% OF THE POPULATION is doing If you do you will get the same average results.

You cannot get the greatness you are after by doing what 99% of what everyone else is doing, you must do what only the 1% of this world is ready to do, no matter how little you do each day because, Little by little a little make a lot


You need to expect to fail, and when you do fail the first time, then 100 times, maybe even more you are going in the right direction of your dreams

And when you fall, it is ok. When you get right back up and keep going, stronger, faster, wiser and more determined than ever!

You have to bready for a 10:1 ratio…. fail ten, success once, but when you succeed it will be a grand slam!

When a baby is learning to walk you don’t see them letting the fear of failure keep them from getting what they want. You can’t let fear keep you from your dreams! When people tell you are going to fail say YES! I WILL, probably more than once, probably more than I expect to fail. But I expect to overwhelm the odds, and you will succeed.

And when you do and you have the life you made by your very own design, and all the naysayers, the belittlers, the dream crushers, , ,,, do you want to know where they will be? The will be right where you left them, sitting in failure, They will be the failures who spent their lives to afraid get their dream.


Oh, maybe you are thinking greatness isn’t for me, or maybe it’s just not meant to be, I too old, too this, too that….

NO these thoughts are weak, these thoughts are soft,  if you are thinking this you just don’t want it!

TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH!!!!! If this has been your truth own it!

What you don’t like it? You don’t like this version of the truth?

 CHANGE your truth!

Be strong when you feel you brain telling you you’re weak, or when you are weary and run down.

Get hard when you are feeling soft, make yourself face what’s in your way, and crush it!

DO NOT just go with the flow and see what happens …. Only dead fish go with the flow! Swim like your life depends on it, because in a lot of ways it does.