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Jun 6, 2018 21:40 Specificity: Capitalize on your passion when you get your shot

June 6, 2018

Practice How You Play

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Will you be able to capitalize on your passion when you get your shot?

 Specificity: the quality of belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject.

While I was in PTA school the primary professor always told us to practice how we where are going to play. He wanted to produce effective PTAs, you can only be effective if you are prepared for the opportunity when the opportunity presents itself.

Essentially you get drilled through school (this is my story so I am using PTA as my example) you practice hundereds of situations so when the opportunity presents itself you can andle it effectively.

In the medical field you need to take licensure test and continueing education to keep the license and I am sure its similar for other sectors as well.

So you might be asking yea great Ian but I am not in the medical field what are you on about?b

Specificity: Are you busy learning about what you want to do, are you researching your passion, are you practicing how you are going to play?

Because at some point if you keep moving in the direction of your dreams you will get a crack at it, a door will open, an opportunity will arise.

Will you be ready? Will you be ready to step into that role? Will you have practiced this in your mind in you daily routine?

Will you be able to capitalize on your passion when you get your shot?

I f you are not certain you need tto get to work, you need to not only head in the direction of your dreams, remember little by little a little makes a lot

You need to start practicing and creating the experience of Specificity so you can seamlessly assume your new role in whatever it is you want to do, but it takes work.

You have to be making yourself into who you want to become, make yourself in toh peson who when the opportunity arises not only steps up, but steps through to the future.

Aks yourself each morning what you can do today that will move you closer to what you want and do it, and be ready to capitalize on your opportunity and go get it