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Jun 26, 2018 18:28 Go Get It!: and finish writing the rest of your story.

June 26, 2018

Get excited, get started, and go out and Get It!!!!!!

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First a quick update on my father in law, if this is your first episode he was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung CA, recently hospitalized, ventilated and dues to a rare blood disorder he developed clots and a the last time I left they were debating a possible leg amputation, then just a foot amputation… and now due to the healing progress they want to hold off all together…. One more little miracle and we are all counting our blessings

So I started doing a few different things this week to improve myself and the GET IT podcast.

First me, meditation, I just started with headspace and I do not have any affiliation with them what so ever. It’s just what others recommended. I just started and I am on day five of 3 min meditations and I am really enjoying the self-focus.

Next I started and Instagram account, boy you can get addicted to that and it seems to be a rather effective marketing opportunity. So I will be getting checked into the YouTube university and start learning how to be effective at that to increase traffic to this podcast.

So that’s what I have been doing to progress my project and improve myself, what are you doing? Remember where you are now is a result of the choices and actions you have taken up to this point.

You have the choice on what the next chapter will be you get to finish writing the rest of your story, How will yours change tomorrow? What direction will it go?

You need to actually take action for something to change; it does not need to be huge. I am doing 3 min mediations a day… that’s 21 min a week!!! I can afford it you can afford it.

What about working on your passion? What are you doing to get that going? Anything?..... Buler……Buler….

look we are only alive for a finite amount of time, are you really eager to spent all your time trading your hours for dollars and making some one else’s dream come true?

I have said it plenty of times I have a job and I am using time to work on building something that will take me out of my job. Something to liberate me from the oppression of going to work and selling my time to pay bills.

I can’t quit yet and  I am not recommending that you do until you are ready with enough cushion to make it happen the right way. But you are not going to get the reward without doing the hard part the work part the part that no one else sees. That’s where the magic is.

Doing the work that no one seesno one give you credit for , the grind behind the grind, the hustle that starts as a damn im tired but I am going to put this 30 min a day on this until something happens. Then I am just going to keep at it until something more happens.

There will be set backs and you will overcome them if you stay at it, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You were given you dream for a reason, it was not so you could ignore it your whole life and die with extraordinary regret. I do not believe that, and you don’t either.

get excited, get started, and go out and Get It!!!!!!