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Jun 24, 2018 09:33 Bring your fight: Every single day is your day

June 24, 2018

IT is not over until YOU say it’s over.

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Happy Sunday.

Update on my father in law- I got to visit with him, he is in good spirits… and the vascular surgeon is holding off on an amputation because things are getting better and they want to see how much better before they make any final decisions.. One more little miracle there. We will take it baby!

Happy Sunday

Its time for a kick in the pants

So have you fallen down before? I am not referring to the type of falling down M Douglas did in that movie that one time.

Have you gotten the hell kicked out of you and just not feel like you have anything left? That the most you can do was just keep breathing. Good do that first.

No once you get through that, you need to get up, once you do that brush yourself off. Then get ready to get fierce.

Every day you are going to battle with yourself and everyone and everything else. But you are going to have to fight. Getting up and fighting is what is necessary to change your life.

When everyone else thinks you are down ant out you need to get up. Remember you started with breathing, and then you got up, brushed yourself off NOW IS THE TIMEM TO SHOW and show the world what you’re made of.

Show this world you are never out! EVER

Every single day is your day, but you have to take it, you have to make it.  

If you do something every day, no matter how small you will build momentum.

When you have momentum you build on it.

Will things go wrong? Will things go completely wrong? YES! ABSOLUTLY

These things will catch you off guard, you might lose your car, home, family, job and these things can grind you down

These are lessons; this is how you get better. YOU ARE NOT FAILING!!!!! YOU ARE LEARNING!!!!!! As long as you reflect and learn something you are not failing you are learning.

This is where the critical growth takes place; you had to go through everything in your life to get where you are now. Right now at this moment we are all facing the circumstaces of our descsion. Where they good, bad, I can tell you we are going to need to push through more to get where you want to be.

It does not matter the event, or what happened or is happening now. THE ONLY thing that matters is what you are going to do about it now! How will you react are you learning?

Your current circumstances are only temporary IF you are always doing something to change you circumstances.

If you are not doing something to move forward you are falling behind.

In today’s age you literally have to run like hell to keep up. You have to get up and keep moving.

You cannot let anything crush you, you have to harness you will some days just to show the world IT IS NOT OVER. I AM NOT FINISHED HERE

The world will throw you away without even noticing you effort unless, You show the world what YOU are made of.

IT is not over until YOU say it’s over. NEVER SUR

If you are giving it every single thing you have got and that is not enough, you must find more. Trust me you have all that you need. You are enough, you were not put here in this world to not be enough you were put her to show others the way forward, to light the way

You have and abundance, I know you remember it as a child you did not understand barriers and you believed with all your heart that anything was possible., you wanted to be a super hero, a doctor a veterinarian. Then the work applied its pressure to you and told you what you were capable of.

You have to always be relentless in looking for a way to get you dream, you deserve this. Do not let anyone or anything stop you.

If you are in the dark now, remember this too is temporary, you can fight your way back to the light where you me and everybody belongs.