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Jun 18, 2018 19:28 Cable Hero!: Don’t give up!

June 18, 2018

 I instantly had a 6 inch beard scraggly hair talking to one of my children’s volleyballs

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So a bit ago I told everyone about me and the family being in the new house after bringing the family from FL to NC and back to FL.

Well the house is nice and we are all getting comfy again. Until father’s day weekend, Dum dum dummmm


Wait wait wait, first of all happy father’s day to all you awesome daddy’s and to the moms pulling double duty hers to you.

I would like to say thanks to my dad Arthur Lewis, you can see a Pic of him and I on the Get It Facebook page, hey visit that and give me a shout, or poke around and get to know me more there.

So back to the previously scheduled podcast.

So when we moved into the house and had the cable hooked up, they had to run a line to the box, now this line looks like the classic orange extension cord. It literally looks like I am stealing electricity or something but hey it works right.

So along comes father’s day weekend and Saturday my wife went to see her dad and I was hanging with the boys in the subdivisions pool. What also happens on the weekend is everyone mows the lawn. Well guess what the house next door has a lawn service and yea you guessed it, yours truly had no cable, no internet. I tried the typical unplug, plug back in and hit the secret reset button but no.

Dark ages, I instantly had a 6 inch beard scraggly hair talking to one of my children’s volleyballs…

So I get on the phone and call the cable company and they had me do what I had already done, then told me it would me Monday before anyone would be out to fix it.


My wife works online for a living and I kindly expressed to him that she would not be able to teach her class, we would have missed revenue… the whole bit. This guy would not budge, nothing.

This is about the time Mr. Nice Ian was hurled into the back seat and told to sit there and be quiet. Now I wasn’t crazy or anything. I wanted to fly off the handle like a rabid spider monkey jaked up on high test energy drinks.

Instead I asked to speak to a manager. And Jo manager gets on and I am getting nowhere but the fast lane to $10 off this month’s bill. So I continue to explain how this is unacceptable and that if the company installed this appropriately I would not be in this situation in the first place. So he tells me a service person will call within the hour. So reluctantly I hang up and take the boys to the store and while there I get a call telling me that they might be able to get out on Sunday to fix it but they are awfully busy.  I bashfully was not terribly polite to this gentleman.

So I get home and I decide that I am not yet satisfied with the resolution and hell I don’t have anything to loose so I called back.

While I am doing this I am making the boys lunch and I get a nice lady and she was able to push a request to get someone out THAT DAY! Really about the time my wife got home the cable guy arrived and while I still have the cord in the yard he had us up and running in minutes.

So hats the moral of the story, if you’re not satisfied with something don’t give up. Keep trying, sure I may not have gotten anything earlier but I tried and did.

You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take, so take some shots!

Are you working on your passion, your dream? I promise it will never happen if you don’t get off your rusty duff and try. In fact it may not work out for some time, but do what I did on Saturday and STAY IN THE GAME and you will get there.

No go out and get it.