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Jun 14, 2018 19:26 Why did the chicken cross the….: it was too uncomfortable to stay

June 14, 2018

No one as a child ever wants to be average

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 Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was too uncomfortable to stay where she was at

Yes in my story the chicken is a she, I know the difference between a chicken and a rooster…. And I am telling this story.

There is only one reason you would take the risk as a chicken, to cross a road and risk getting crushed, or mangled, disfigured… know certain death.

You or the chicken must believe that what is on the other side of the road is necessary to have, there has to be a place where you believe it is necessary to be.


On the days that you’re feeling down and unmotivated, tired just worth it is not going to get your behind out of bed.

The days that you are ready or willing to not work at your goals are the most important day for you to apply yourself to these goals.  It is so easy to start out fast and furious talking to yourself like Vin Desil with each activity you accomplish that it does not matter if you win by an inch or a mile winning is winning…..

Those are the easy days.

The only way you are going to really get to those goals are doing the things you don’t like to do on the day you do not want to do it. This is how you are going to get to the other side of the road.

Let me tell you I bet the chicken might have been thinking twice after dodging the first few cars. SO will you.

That’s the killer, when you start second guessing yourself

“Maybe my goals are too high”

“Maybe I should have waited; maybe I am just not the person to do it”

This is your brain trying to make you comfortable by saying “There, There, its ok honey you can give up” why don’t you go be comfortable in your crap JOB that will replace you in 8-10 days if vanished tomorrow. You will be ok there, no you don’t like it but you could learn to be comfortable there.

And what’s even worse is the people closest to you will be more than happy to tell you that if you lower your goals they will be so much easier to get….. Well hell no kidding. Just walk yourself over to average then.

No one as a child ever wants to be average, none of us have average dreams. Being average is not part of what any of us are here to be.


Maybe when we were kids and someone called us chicken for being afraid to do something, ya know chicken (chicken noise).

Maybe this was wrong the whole time, maybe the bravest thing we can do is be like the chicken and cross the road.

What is your road? What are the obstacles in front of your dream? Are you going to start crossing them?

Hey show the world you are a chicken, and teach them exactly why you are crossing the road.