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Jul 6, 2018 21:17 Rut Row… Don’t get stuck in a rut

July 6, 2018

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In a rut, have you ever been in a rut? Guess what me too. In fact I felt one coming on and guess what I am using this podcast cathartically in a terribly selfishly selflessly way.  (say that a few times fast.)

No one wants to advertise that they are in a rut, it sucks, but inevitably we all find ourselves facing one occasionally. If we don’t grab the proverbial shovel we could stay there from some time, hell you have probably met people that spend their entire lives in ruts.

What can you, me or any one do? Do No Stay There!!!!!!!

Be honest especially with yourself. I can usually kinda feel the rut approaching. I try to figure out if something external is causing it, and if it can even really be fixed. The most important thing is to not become a victim. People make entire lifestyles out of being a victim, you know a few I am sure. They can’t do anything because of this or that and the whole damn world is there to keep them down and due to one reason or another it will never change. NEVER let this be you

Get out and be around others get out of your head or your dead. One of the worst places you can be alone is in your head. I know my head is a bad neighborhood and I don’t need to be there alone. You don’t need to be there either especially if you are going into, or have found yourself smack dab in full rut that is in blistering effect. Go out with friends, talk to your spouse (your spouse probably already knows)

Take action, do something. Don’t just whine, get something done. Get the hell out of bed! Achievement will eliminate the rut affect and increase the cascading of momentum. It really will, have you ever embarked on a project with many steps? One after another you knocked out each stage of the project and as you completed each one you went into the next one closer and closer to completion. You get more excited with each accomplishment; this is my favorite thing to do. This is why I decided to get a podcast done.

Bring it, to everything you do, really everything. I know I don’t hype up my ole JOB and I think we can all earn dividends from. We’re going to work anyway and if may not be the dream gig. We might be working on something else too. But if you are going to show up Bring It baby, show them what you’re made of. Remember if you can honestly say you would follow you are moving in the right direction.