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Jul 31, 2018 19:52 Crap Sandwich: No more pathetic excuses

July 31, 2018

Crap Sandwich

So have you ever found yourself handing out pathetic excuses of why you are not after what you really want? I really go out of my way not to do this, but wouldn’t you know it, it happened to me.

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Not good right? Nope not good at all, who knows how long I had secretly been doing this and compromising all that I am after. I was just blindly and voluntarily doing my part as a drone in a giant beehive.

It wasn’t like a big scene or anything there was no explosion or earth melting apocalypse, but I was talking to Carole, my wife and she was asking about a particular project that I am fond of.  I literally heard crap come out of my mouth that I would not accept from others, it was surreal.

Now when I say that, I mean I offered the same old excuses that everyone else offers, no time, no money…… I LITTERALLY SAID THAT CRAP! Can you believe it, I couldn’t, I could not even believe those words came out of my mouth!

The good thing is that I noticed immediately (I was listening after all), I mean I was hearing the kind of B.S. that I don’t like to hear anyone else say. It was just pouring right out of my face.  

So after the reality of the situation settled into my newly fractured consciousness I swiftly and willfully started to correct the situation. I realized if these were the excuses I was throwing around it was absolutely possible for me to concur the hurdles that lie before me and move forward.

After I took a little bit (I mean a whole lot) of my own medicine, I found myself re-inspired to get back after this project. I started rekindling this project that is close to my heart that I had put on the back burner for far too long.

Then I noticed something else, which I may not have, noticed before. Excitement, it was there kind of stirring things about in my head. The entire project is completely overwhelming and scary but there was more excitement for some reason. I think the additional excitement came from me finally being honest with myself.

Perhaps I was previously letting my excuses make it safe for me to disregard this project as unreachable. Now however I took away those two very septic excuses and I am officially working on the solutions to those hurdles.

It is hard hell yes it is, but that’s why you do it right? You do it because when you battle your way through everything in front of you and become successful you know that it’s well deserved. That’s what makes success so sweet, the work makes it sweet. The pain, heartache and discipline is what Is going to makes it so sweet.

So now I ask you, are you after something that makes you spit out those terribly asphyxiating excuses? If you are handing that crap sandwich out to yourself I hope you are hungry because it’s bad reality to swallow.

I hope you do what I was able to do and stop eating the sad crap sandwich and take a big dose of your own medicine and get on with your passion. I promise it feels a lot better when you are able to tell yourself when you are full of crap. Ok well that part kinda sucks but when you correct that action I promise you will be extremely excited, because I am fired up baby! And I want you to be fired up to!

Now stop eating crap and got get what you really want out of this life!