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Jul 22, 2018 11:50 Little by little: I have a Nitrous Powered Hemi!

July 22, 2018

Put your energy in your priorities and make time for the little projects for fun.

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Piece by piece: Making a nitrous powered hemi…..Go Baby, go!

Let’s have a little fun on a Sunday, if you have listened to a handful of the episodes on this podcast you likely have heard me say little by little a little becomes a lot.

….and this is where we are going to get slightly side tracked and a little sideways, you will get to know me a little more and I get to go on about something going on now in my life.

 Most people who know me well know that I appreciate cars, all cars small and sporty or big muscle, classic or new they are all fun. Now I am not a wealthy man… yet, what I mean by that is I do not have a garage with 6 supercars in it. I have a car that I can transport the wife and two kids in.

Umm a little back story.

I used to have a Mazda Miata and enjoyed modifying it, I would eventually put a nitrous kit in it and had all kinds of fun. The time finally came to get something with a bit more room for a family and all, Being a car guy I wanted something that could also satisfy the car guy in me. I ended up with a 2011 Dodge Charger (yea its gotta Hemi) this was a few years ago that I got it.

Now I did tarde in the Miata but I did remove the nitrous kit, and I wanted to eventually install it in the charger. Well after a bit of reading I would need several different parts to make that happen.

Then life happened I got the job in NC then I left that job and came back down to FL lived in a hotel for a while and eventually got back into a house. Throughout all of that I started this podcast as well and these things kept me quite busy.

Despite all these things happening I had been collecting the parts I would need to retrofit this old kit into a newer and different model car. After we somewhat settled in our new home and I had access to my tools and a garage to work in. I began to plan out the project I re-read all the information on the installation. I started organizing the primary task to make each step easier. Then I started doing each of those steps a little after work and a bit on weekends.

First the pluming which entailed placing the bottle running the lined and controller aplacing the nozzle.

Second the wiring and placing switches, and yesterday I did the third step the tuneing. Now I am ready to test it, I am really excited

So I officially have a nitrous powered Hemi, cool.

The process was put on hold and took quite some time, and most car guys would attest that a nitrous kit could be installed in an afternoon but I took a great deal longer. But we both have the same results, so the moral of the story is don’t give up and you will get to where you are going.

So let’s quickly recap;

I had an idea: put nitrous into my car.

I had some of the stuff: I had to research what else I would need

Once I knew what was needed: I had to source the needed parts to make it work  

Things came up and I had to delay the project because of exciting new life experiences-oh well it happens, turns out I did not make this a priority, I made other things in my life a priority.

Eventually the opportunity opened up and I pieced the project together little by little while still maintaining all of the other priorities in my life. PLEASE note I said the priorities in my life not the demands, my priorities are the things that I make important in my life they are not things that make demands of my life. I think it’s important that everyone make that distinction with where we place energy.

So the moral of the story? Hm life is beautiful enjoy it! Put your energy in your priorities and make time for the little projects for fun. And enjoy the process!