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Jul 21, 2018 13:58 La Passion: Have you found yours?

July 21, 2018

If you make your life too full there will be no room, to grow.

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So I have spent a lot of time talking about going after your passion, whatever it may be. What I have not done was talk about passion and whether or not you have found yours.

As far as passion goes, throughout my life I have had many passions and some have been much more prominent than others. They have been artsy with music, photography and now moving into business. They have all given me different life experiences and maybe that was the point to each of them. Perhaps they all offered me the experience that was necessary to bring me to this point.
Do you have a mission or a purpose yet?, and if so are you spending 99% of your time doing something else?

I was recently listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer and he was talking about this and I am going to throw my icing on that cake.

You really need to love what you do or you need to do what you love.

Do you know what your passion is? Well let’s look at what it is not that where I like to start, we can all figure that out rather quickly and easily with only a little bit of experience of doing what we do not like doing. I don’t know about you but it’s really easy for me to move an activity to the “I do not like that” box in my brain.

Now if you are doing something that you do not like doing you have options. Now I can hear the naysayers now, “I don’t have options I can’t do anything I am a damn victim”

Yes, you have options.

Option #1 Find a different job this comes with the obvious risk, sure you may not be paid as much and you sure as hell may not like the next job either. Something unforeseen may happen and you could end up landing on your behind financially. However the peace of mind you gain may be payment enough never the less there is risk. Maybe rethinking risk might be something you need to evaluate. Instead of risk you could rename them as adventures.

Option #2 Change your frame of mind, yea, I said change your mind and start to love what you are doing. Sounds freaking crazy doesn’t it and it might be a bit difficult. This might be necessary if you just cannot take the risk of leaving. You will need to focus on not having a negative disposition about it and make the best of it. Then when you get done with spending whatever time necessary there you can get back to what you care about more.

How do you find your passion, maybe you don’t find it. Dr Wane Dyer referred to it as “your Bliss” he said it needs to find you. He presented the statement that your bliss or purpose, what I am calling passion cannot find you if you are clogged up with something else.

If you make your life too full there will be no room, to grow. No room for new experiences and hence no passion to inspire you.

 Don’t get clogged up with what you know, because your knowledge will also go out of the way to make all other approaches wrong to make you right. Your knowledge comes with a great deal of negativity that tells you about all the things you have been programed to fear. This will give you excuses to not do things, not to try new things. Those are the habits that need to be broken for you to be open enough for a passion to find you.