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Jul 17, 2018 20:52 Employee engagement, how to use it.

July 17, 2018

Hoe to make it work for you.

Special feature episode…/5kns4gcu-1712/ianvonlewis

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First….because I started talking about this a short time ago, an update the father in law, if you have been following the podcast you know that my father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (see episode one little miracle.  He was hospitalized after his first round of chemo and due to a rare blood disorder (I will save the specifics) he eventually would have a R BKA. At this point he is home and recovering and preparing for his fight with cancer, go him.

I have also published a 30 min podcast as well you can click the link in the show notes to access this, it will cost you 2 buckaroos, when is the last time you received anything for two bucks. You will dig this and it helps support the show as I just kicked up to the premium on my podcast host so this is how I am aiming to recuperate those funds and ifi things go right start having this make a little dough for the energy placed in the podcast.

Special feature episode…/5kns4gcu-1712/ianvonlewis

The Get It podcast has broken the 500 downloads/listens a week ago and tonight just made it to 600 listens!!!!, super exciting!!! I am very thrilled about this growth and by the way it is legitimately an internationally listened to podcast. Thank you Ireland and that one time in the UK! You know you can help this podcast grow by rating on iTunes or leaving a review on your podcast player of choice. Subscribing to the podcast also helps tremendously as well and you can share your favorite episodes, and of course thank you all for listening to the Get It podcast.

Let’s get to some content shall we?

Are you clocked in?

Are you motivated at work? Yes this even applies to that old JOB that I always talk about not wanting to do for the rest of my life. Engagement is a big deal in business and the results you get for yourself and from others can be impressive.

Some say that Employee engagement really comes down to the emotional commitment to the company and the company’s vision. The Idea is that you should not just merely be satisfied with your job, because the only thing being satisfied will get you or the company you work for is being happy enough to do the job until someone decides to offer you a 10% raise.

When you have this emotional engagement to your company you will go the extra mile and give the effort necessary to get the job done. An engaged employee will give you the same effort on Monday as they do on a Friday afternoon at 10 till 5. As an employee your productivity is always higher, customer satisfaction is higher, and eventually profits are higher.

Better business results are always the consequences of good employee engagement.

Sounds like another way leadership is trying to get everyone to work harder hu? Well sure bit this really improves a company’s performance and increases profits. Everyone wants that to happen.

Let’s look at it differently shall we? How about the driven individual, I am talking about you personally. What will being an engaged employee do for you and your career? Can being engaged with you company get you where you want to be?

It will quite simply yes. It will open doors. Period. Now it’s your decision to walk through them or not, but that’s what it will do.

People will always take notice of your above average performance and you will in time be asked to participate in other activities and projects within the company. As long as these things are aligned with your vision for yourself you need to jump at the opportunity to do these things. Especially if they make you nervous or a little scared, (that’s where all the growth is).

Be sure to add these things to your resume, they will add up quickly and will likely, yet again open more doors.

Before long you could end up with a different position altogether with in the company with more pay, doesn’t sound bad hu? You may even be scouted for another position that you have been wanting, or better. These things will not happen if you are not performing at your best a majority of the time.

The bottom line is this even if you don’t plan to be at a job forever, when you show up be sure to bring it baby because people notice, and that’s what will bring you into things you may have never thought possible.

Bring the energy that will build your reputation and create your opportunity for you to reach the next level.