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Jul 15, 2018 19:06 No money, no problem: You have something better.

July 15, 2018

You don’t need a sack of cash to get started, but it will take work and tenacity but that is something you have plenty of.

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So you have a project or a passion that you want to start a company around, but you aint got the cash. Where can you get it?

Wait; let’s back up do you have to have the cash to get started at this point?

Let’s start with a few other things to change your direction

Change your mindset; are you doing a job now because it can pay the bills? Did someone else encourage you to go into this field that you feel stuck in now? Did you give up control of your life, destiny, and your future?

You have no one to blame but yourself someone told you to do something and you did it own it. Now you need to be irrevocably honest with yourself and stop blaming others. We are all where we are as a result of your best decisions it is on you to fix the situation. Not to worry this to will pass if you get off your ass… yea I changed that a bit.

Model success: First start to learn from others, get a job close to the field that you want to be in even if it is not exactly the same thing get close to the business you want into. Let them pay you to learn the business, watch how they make decisions, what they base major decisions on. Can you learn anything about your potential market by simply paying attention?

Start small: So you want to start whatever business it is you want to do and you want to go from 0-60 right now. You feel like what you want to do is too far away and you at this moment cannot bridge the gap between idea and the real start without money. You may not have all that you need to overcome this very large gap. The only way you can see to get past it is with money, not true.

Its time now to work backwards, kinda. Let me explain this you need to break everything down into much smaller steps. Start from what you can affectionately call ground zero, where you are now. Then start small with what you can do now, with what you have available to you now.

Let’s take a few examples for you to consider and hopefully rearrange and apply to what you want to do.

Do you want to start a D.J. business and aspire to be a popular DJ known throughout the music industry? Volunteer to assist a DJ, figure out exactly what equipment you will need, how to move it, set it up. You will learn how much room your vehicle will need to be. You may also learn of someone getting rid of equipment by meeting people. Once you get equipment start small on the side (while you still keep dragging your but to the ol JOB), with birthday parties, weddings,


What about a bakery, of any kind and find yourself winning awards on all of those popular cooking shows, sounds good hu? Well first you need to start by learning how to bake, perhaps get a job at the local supermarkets bakery. Learn how they run a large scale bakery, basic and effective recipes, and also what are the most popular products. Then start collecting equipment and begin with bake sales, parties are you seeing a pattern?

You don’t need a sack of cash to get started, but it will take work and tenacity but that is something you have plenty of.