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Jul 1, 2018 16:34 You are the competition: Stay in the game to win

July 1, 2018

Do something today that the tomorrow you will be proud of.

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Have you ever done a side job, or did some work on the weekend? Basically making money on your own terms, feels good doesn’t it. When you make money on your own terms it feels different when you put it in your pocket and it should.

It’s that feeling that is, in part driving this podcast. I like that feeling, you like that feeling let’s just get more of that feeling.

Let’s focus, Focus on what you can do, focus on where to begin.

Perhaps you have something in mind that you want to do, perhaps you want to but you are not sure what just yet.

Take 5 min a day, each day set a timer and treat it like work you sit down and do it.

Even if you do not nowhere to begin do this take your favorite writing tool, lap top, pen paper set a timer for 5 min and get started just start writing.

Especially if you are not sure yet what it is you are going to do, this will help.

Then…. Do it again tomorrow.

When you start moving in the right direction, you will get more confidence and your performance will rise.

Increase the time you spen on this to 15 min a day, add research, then add action any action you can start with.

When started, and I mean when you start taking action no matter how small, its easy to start comparing yourself to others. This can be detrimental to your growth.

Start by first comparing yourself to yesterday, be, do or aim to be a little better than your yesterday. Keep focused on out doing your yesterday self.

Now it is ok to compare yourself to others in a healthy manner. Let’s quickly discuss this, I would love to compare myself to Tony robins or Zig Ziglar, but that’s not fair to me.

When you choose to compare yourself to others, make it someone you respect and be specific on what you compare yourself to, what exactly you want to compete with so you know when you have made it.

But most importantly make it just out of reach, you want to have to stretch yourself and resources to reach the metric.

Remember successful people get where they are because they scrap for what they want, they find ways to get past, overcome, dodge and/or destroy obstacles.

Greatness, your greatness, everyone’s greatness starts small and slowly evolves from the vision you have of your goal and believing you can get it and that you damn well deserve it.

As you get started determine goals set goals nothing gets done without these, then as you get comfortable achieving these goals you make bigger goals.

The primary obstacle you will struggle with when getting started will be you, but at the end of the day you will also be the reason you succeed.

Each and every morning you can choose to be average or exceptional, no one in this world will make you exceptional, EVER. You have to decide.

Hey at times it will feel impossible, but it’s in these time that if you keep holding yourself to your goals and move forward (even if its only by 5 min) each day even when you don’t want to and everyone is telling you to stop wasting your time, you do not have to sell them. The only person you have to convince that it is possible is you!, everything else will be worked out.

You have to be in the game to play, you have to stay in the game to win.

Show yourself what you are made of, do something today that the tomorrow you will be proud of.