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Aug 2, 2018 17:32 In it to win it: Perseverance, luck and being awkward

August 2, 2018

I got 5 star feedback from CAVAC!!!

Special feature episode…/5kns4gcu-1712/ianvonlewis

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Thank you for listening to the get it podcast, if this is your first time listening and you think I am a bit all over the place just give it a few episodes you will dig it.

I am my own personal crash test dummy and sharing all of this with you for motivation and business interest.

I am a PTA Physical therapist assistant and I recently received my MBA and I am currently working as a Director of rehabilitation in Florida. Before that I was in NC for a short spell I have an hour drive to work and since the radio reach was terrible and I started listening to podcast. Started listening to this Sam Crowley guy and his every day is Saturday podcast (you can check him out at and figured he made it sound easy enough and before I left NC I started this pod cast and working it on the side since the end of March of this year.

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….. Ok, speaking of ratings, I got my first review on ITunes and that feels so gooood,

I got a 5 star feedback from CAVAC that reads: “Good stuff Ian… I listen when I can and it’s always good stuff. You’re good at what you do. Keeping me motivated.”

Thank you for the 5 star review! And thank you for letting me know you are listening! Cheers to you and yours!

Father in law update: If you have not been following this check out the one more little miracle episode, where I talk more about his stage 4 lung CA diagnoses.  The wife and my boys went to my father in laws house last weekend and he is in good spirits and getting around well with his BKA. he is definitely still weak but is really moving forward and is looking forward to getting a prosthetic so he can get back to his greenhouse work he is staying in the game.

When you are after something staying in the game is the most important indicator that you will get to your goal. Now certainly I am not telling you that if you put no energy into your goal they will magically come true.

Essentially perseverance right, work hard steadily and eventually even if your work is average you will then play the odds of luck. Hm another way to say it…. Let’s take me and this podcast for example. I have no celebrity status to bring to the table, I do not have gazillion followers on insta gram, I am not on twitter. I am on Facebook but that really was mostly for friends and family.

Perhaps this means that I am behind the 8ball in comparison to other people that start who may already have a following but they had to start some ware too. However they may have started on another platform possibly Blogging, You tubing you name it. We have to build on our platform, and so far I am pleased with the growth so far.

Now back to perseverance, eventually something will happen you will either

  1. Slowly your audience will grow with the marketing opportunities you utilize. (you should be doing this any way)
  2. You will eventually get lucky and someone will mention your work in another circle you previously had no access to and this will introduce you and your brand to a new audience an a cascading affect takes place and moves you up to a new level

This is where staying in the game will work to your advantage; eventually you will get better (through experience) and get the attention of others. This can only happen if you stay in the game, its like the old adage that is phrased 1000 different ways. Most people give up right before they get successful.

The more I think about this, the more I believe that every project I pursued could have been successful and profitable if I had just lasted through that awkward time that makes 99% of us give up. Its kinda like those awkward time in our youth where we are not properly proportioned and we are tripping over our own feet because of the accelerated growth rate.

If you are experiencing an awkward phase in something that is making you want to quit, maybe what you are really experiencing is an accelerated growth rate. That’s a damn good thing, because growth is going to get you right to where you want to be.

Don’t when thing are not working, let the growth happen, and then enjoy the fruit from the growth you have endured.

UGH now I am pumped, this is so cathartic! Got get yours! Ian out!

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